Sir Malcolm Andrew "Alen" Wallace  ‎(I1110)‎
Prefix: Sir
Given Names: Malcolm Andrew
Surname: Wallace
Nickname: Alen

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: 1249 Elderslie, Ayrshire, Scotland
Death: 23 August 1305 ‎(Age 56)‎ London, Middlesex, England
Personal Facts and Details
Birth 1249 Elderslie, Ayrshire, Scotland

Death 23 August 1305 ‎(Age 56)‎ London, Middlesex, England

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Immediate Family  (F420)
Margaret Crawford
1232 - 1286
Sir William "Braveheart" Wallace
1273 - 1305


Eldest son of Adam and Christine ‎(Kilbane)‎ Walays, b. 1220; m. 1252 Jean Crawford. When a young man he was made a Baron, a title of nobility given to those who had acquired possessions, sometimes by purchase, sometimes by inheritance, and sometimes because of valuable services rendered. Upon receiving the title of Baron, a man automatically became a member of the House of Parliament. Malcolm received from his father, Adam, vast estates in and around Ayr and Elderlie, because it was the custom in those days that a faithful elder son should become his father's successor. It is said that the estates of Elderlie are in possession of the Wallace descendants to this day. The estates at Ayr were sold in 1720 ‎(about the time the Wallaces migrated toAmerica and elsewhere)‎. Malcolm was given the title of Knighthood because he so fearlessly championed the cause of Scottish Independence. At that time the people of Scotland were under oppressive English rule. Immediately upon receiving the Honor of Knighthood, he changed the spelling of the name from Walays to Wallace. His family was the first to have the name that has come down through the centuries to the present days. Malcolm and Jean had 3 sons: Andrew, William and John. Daughters were not recorded during this period in history.

In 1291 King Edward I ordered the Barons to swear allegiance to him. Sir Malcolm absolutely refused to do so. He had already sworn allegiance to the people of Scotland and they looked to him for their liberation from the yoke of England. Sir Malcolm and his eldest son Andrew took refuge in Lennox, Scotland. Jean and the younger sons, William and John, sought protection of a powerful and wealthy relative of Kilspindie, Scotland.

Malcolm, Adam's younger son, received Elderslie and Auchinbothie in Renfrewshire. Malcolm was the father of the great Scottish patriot, Sir William Wallace of Elderslie.
Malcolm of Elderslie was one of very few Scottish nobles who bravely refused to submit to Edward I of England in 1296. He and his eldest son, Andrew, were both executed. His wife fled with her younger son, William, to the protection of relatives near Dundee.

In the Scotichronicon, compiled about 1442, the reference to the origins of William Wallace is tantalisingly brief, the Anglicorum malleus ‎(hammer of the English)‎ being described simply as filius nobilis militis ‎{ }‎. In the manuscript preserved in Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, the Latin reference to the 'noble son of a knight' is followed by about a half a line which had been left blank for the name of William's father to be inserted subsequently, when the compiler had ascertained this detail. In the copy of the manuscript now in the National Library of Scotland, Malcolm Vales was inserted in a much later hand, while the earliest printed verrsion inserted the words eiusdem nominis ‎(of the same name, i.e. Willam)‎. But the Harleian manuscript in the British LIbrary, another version of the Scotichronicon, has an entirely different insertion: domini Andree Vallace comini Kragge ‎(Lord Andrew Wallace, Lord of Craigie)‎. This variant has, at least the merit of being more substantial and specific than the others, which suggests that someone took great pains to ascertain the truth.

Son of Adam Walays of Riccarton; of Elderslie received from his father in portion natural to be held by ward and relief of Wallace of Riccarton, the lands of Elderslie and Auchinbothie. He M. Margaret or Jean, dau. of Sir Ronald or Reginald Crawford of Crosbie, Sheriff of Ayr, sister of Sir Reginald Crawford of London. Anderson says "some writers assert that by a 1st marriage he had 2 daus., one of whom m. Thomas Halliday of Annandale." Others maintain that he had only 2 sons, Andrew according to Fordoun, or Malcolm according to Anderson, and by the 1st marriage; and William by Jean Crawford. Mitchell, who has given so much study to the matter, says he had by Margaret Crawford:
1. Andrew
2. William
3. John
In 1291, when Edward I of England ordered the Scottish Barons to swear fealty to him, Sir Malcolm absolutely refused. With his eldest son he took refuge in Lennox, while his wife sought the protection, with her son William, of a powerful relative in Kilspindie. This William was Sir William Wallace of Elderslie, b.c. 1276, the heroic defender of Scottish independence.

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Close Relatives
Family with Margaret Crawford
Sir Malcolm Andrew "Alen" Wallace ‎(I1110)‎
Birth 1249 Elderslie, Ayrshire, Scotland
Death 23 August 1305 ‎(Age 56)‎ London, Middlesex, England
-17 years
Margaret Crawford ‎(I1111)‎
Birth 1232 9 5
Death 1286 ‎(Age 54)‎
Sir William "Braveheart" Wallace ‎(I1108)‎
Birth January 1273 24 41 Elderslie, Paisley Parish, Renfrewshire, Scotland
Death 23 August 1305 ‎(Age 32)‎ London, Middlesex, England, United Kingdom