George ‎(Jerig)‎ Adam Bush I  ‎(I37)‎
Given Names: George ‎(Jerig)‎ Adam
Surname: Bush
Suffix: I

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: 23 July 1710 15 18 Zuzenhausen, Daisbach, Baden, Germany
Death: 18 February 1817 ‎(Age 106)‎ Harrison, Virginia, USA
Personal Facts and Details
Birth 23 July 1710 15 18 Zuzenhausen, Daisbach, Baden, Germany

Marriage Catherine Stump - 1742 ‎(Age 31)‎ Pennsylvania

Marriage Anna Dorothea Katterman - 17 January 1749 ‎(Age 38)‎ Christ Lutheran Church, Berks County, Pennsylvania

Marriage Susannah Unknown - 1763 ‎(Age 52)‎
Death 18 February 1817 ‎(Age 106)‎ Harrison, Virginia, USA

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Parents Family  (F17)
Hans Michael Bush
1695 - 1774
Eva Plattner
1692 - 1764
George ‎(Jerig)‎ Adam Bush I
1710 - 1817
Mary Margaret Bush
1712 -
John Bush
1726 - 1807
Michael Bush
1728 - 1777
Lewis Bush
1729 - 1790
Anna Barbara Bush
1730 - 1731
Conton Basil Switzerland Bush
1732 -

Immediate Family  (F16)
Anna Dorothea Katterman
1725 - 1811
Jacob Bush
1752 - 1832
Elizabeth Bush
1758 - 1839
George Adam Bush II
1763 - 1843
Mary Elizabeth Zickafoose Bush
1740 - 1807

Immediate Family  (F66)
Susannah Unknown
1735 - 1820

Immediate Family  (F219)
Catherine Stump
- 1744
Catherine Bush


The Last Will and Testament of Adam Bush.

In the name of God amen. I Adam Bush of Harrison County and commonwealth of Virginia being in sound mind and memory but being weak and debilitated from old age, do make this my last will and testament, in manner following that is to say, to wit, -
First I give and bequeath all my personal property to Margaret Bush ‎(widow and relict of my son Adam Bush)‎ with whom I live) to be by her enjoyed, during her life, and if any part thereof shall remain at her decease, then my will is that such remainder shall go to and be the rightful property of her son Palser to be by him his heirs and assigns forever enjoyed.
Whereas I have heretofore given to my son John Bush now deceased Two Hundred acres of land on Buckhannon River which was all the Estate were by me given to him and as his portion as one of my children, and whereas I made a verbal contract with my said son John for one hundred acres of land on Freeman’s Creek a branch of the West fork River which I was to convey to him in a certain time provided he paid to me twenty five pounds, which the said John never did pay nor any part thereof and since that contract was forfeited, I, as I had a right to do conveyed said land to Adam Hickman, and by said Hickman since conveyed to John Smith who now is in possession thereof rightfully. I have also given all the rest of my children their portion as children. -
I nominate and appoint my said Daughter in Law Margaret Bush executrix of this my last Will and Testament, and to exercise the functions of such Executrixship without entering into bond or giving security. Hereby revoking all other or former wills or bequeaths heretofore made or executed by me.
In testimony whereof I the said George Adam Bush do hereunto set my hand and affix my seal on this fifteenth day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eleven.

Signed sealed delivered and pronounced to us by George Adam Bush as his last will and Testament & as witnesses thereto do set our hands:

Archibald B. Wilson, David Hickman, Josiah D. Wilson, Jas. L. Tingle, Paultz Butcher, Adam Smith

His mark ‎(C B)‎ - George A. Bush………

At a court held for Lewis county September term 1820 this last will and testament of George A. Bush was presented in open court & proved by the oath of Paulser Butcher * Adam Smith according to law and admitted to record a copy.
Teste - D. Stringer C.L.C.

He came to America with his family aboard the ship Hope, arriving at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 28 Aug 1733 at age 13.
He is reported to have married Dorothea Katterman. However, Pendleton County, ‎(W)‎V records list his wife as Susannah. One source says that George was married three times, however no names are mentioned.
George Bush took the oath of naturalization in Augusta County, VA 21 JUN 1763.
Susannah's name is recorded in a Pendleton County land transaction recorded in Deed book 11, p. 435: "16 Nov 1763, George Bush and Susannah to Sebastian Hoover, 116 acres on the South Fork of the South Branch of the Potomac..." George and Susannah probably lived near the village of Upper Tract in Pendleton County.
The family moved to Harrison County, ‎(W)‎V in the late 1700s. A Harrison County land transaction: "William hacker Sr., 400 acres on the West Fork adjoining lands of George Bush, to include his settlement, made in 1779."
George Bush's will, dated 11 Oct 1811, was probated in the September 1820 term of the court of Harrison County, ‎(W)‎V, indicating that he died that year.
Susannah had died before George Adam made his will.

John Michael Bush, George Adam Bush, and Lodwick Bush are listed as signing on 13 Jan 1738 a petition to create Berks County, Pennsylvania, USA.
There are two George Bush one married Mary Ancrum. Another one had four wives Elizabeth; Ann Dorothea Katterman married on 17 Jan 1750; Catherine Stump married after Anna Dorethea death and died before 1769 because of her father's will was written with at least one child Catherine; and Susannah was listed in George's will. I do not know which children are with which wivies.

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Family with Parents
Hans Michael Bush ‎(I39)‎
Birth 1695 42 Canton Basil, Switzerland
Death 1774 ‎(Age 79)‎ Pennsylvania, USA
-3 years
Eva Plattner ‎(I40)‎
Birth 1692 Zuzenhausen Daisbach, Germany
Death 1764 ‎(Age 72)‎ Virginia, USA

Marriage: 17 January 1749 -- Berks Co., PA
-39 years
George ‎(Jerig)‎ Adam Bush I ‎(I37)‎
Birth 23 July 1710 15 18 Zuzenhausen, Daisbach, Baden, Germany
Death 18 February 1817 ‎(Age 106)‎ Harrison, Virginia, USA
17 months
Mary Margaret Bush ‎(I56)‎
Birth 1712 17 20 Daisbach, Germany
14 years
John Bush ‎(I58)‎
Birth 1726 31 34 Zuzenhausen, Daisbach, Germany
Death 27 April 1807 ‎(Age 81)‎
2 years
Michael Bush ‎(I59)‎
Birth 1728 33 36 Conton Basil, Switzerland
Death 1777 ‎(Age 49)‎ Buckhannon Fort, Upshur
1 year
Lewis Bush ‎(I57)‎
Birth 1729 34 37 Conton Basil, Switzerland
Death 1790 ‎(Age 61)‎ Pendleton, Pennsylvania, USA
1 year
Anna Barbara Bush ‎(I61)‎
Birth 1730 35 38 Conton Basil, Switzerland
Death 1731 ‎(Age 12 months)‎ Daisbach, Germany
2 years
Sister (Birth)
Conton Basil Switzerland Bush ‎(I62)‎
Birth February 1732 37 40
Family with Anna Dorothea Katterman
George ‎(Jerig)‎ Adam Bush I ‎(I37)‎
Birth 23 July 1710 15 18 Zuzenhausen, Daisbach, Baden, Germany
Death 18 February 1817 ‎(Age 106)‎ Harrison, Virginia, USA
14 years
Anna Dorothea Katterman ‎(I38)‎
Birth 1725 Michelfeld, Germany
Death 1811 ‎(Age 86)‎ Lewis, , West Virginia, USA

Marriage: 17 January 1749 -- Christ Lutheran Church, Berks County, Pennsylvania
3 years
Jacob Bush ‎(I63)‎
Birth 1752 41 27 Hampshire, England
Death 1832 ‎(Age 80)‎ Gilmer, Virginia, USA
6 years
Elizabeth Bush ‎(I36)‎
Birth 1758 47 33 Overwharton Parish, Stafford, Virginia, USA
Death 1839 ‎(Age 81)‎ Lewis, , West Virginia, USA
5 years
Son (Birth)
George Adam Bush II ‎(I64)‎
Birth 1763 52 38 Pendletown County, West Virginia, USA
Death 1843 ‎(Age 80)‎ Virginia, USA
-23 years
Mary Elizabeth Zickafoose Bush ‎(I27)‎
Birth 20 February 1740 29 15 Hampshire County, WV
Death 1807 ‎(Age 66)‎ Weston, Lewis Co., WV
Family with Susannah Unknown
George ‎(Jerig)‎ Adam Bush I ‎(I37)‎
Birth 23 July 1710 15 18 Zuzenhausen, Daisbach, Baden, Germany
Death 18 February 1817 ‎(Age 106)‎ Harrison, Virginia, USA
24 years
Susannah Unknown ‎(I260)‎
Birth 1735
Death 1820 ‎(Age 85)‎

Marriage: 1763
Family with Catherine Stump
George ‎(Jerig)‎ Adam Bush I ‎(I37)‎
Birth 23 July 1710 15 18 Zuzenhausen, Daisbach, Baden, Germany
Death 18 February 1817 ‎(Age 106)‎ Harrison, Virginia, USA
Catherine Stump ‎(I690)‎
Death 1744

Marriage: 1742 -- Pennsylvania